Why “P-Nation”??

Why “P-Nation”??

Good morning, P-Nation! If you are an avid viewer of Peregrination (our travel vlog on YOUTUBE!), you’ll probably have noticed that we greet the camera with “What’ up P-Nation!?”  I’m sure you’ve noticed. Isn’t that just a bit of nonsense, though?


Just recently we received a funny comment from a new subscriber that went something like, “P-Nation? Ok, I’m 10 years old.” L.O.L. And the best part is… we totally agree. 😂 P-Nation?? Pee-nation? Why did we do this to ourselves? In almost every video we’ve made over the past two years (we cannot believe it’s been that long by the way!) we greet the day’s new adventure with an enthusiastic, “What’s up P-Nation!?” We know it’s ridiculous but at this point… I don’t think we can stop.


Now, some may realize we’ve derived “P-Nation” from our Youtube Channel’s name, “Peregrination”. If you’ve never attempted it, it sounds like: pair-eh-grin-aye-shun. It’s not the simplest word to ring off quickly during an intro. I also think that early on in our video making we were extremely nervous to start filming ourselves in front of complete strangers in foreign countries. “P-Nation” just happened. We thought it was funny and just went with it.


Peregrination is a difficult word. We were nervous. Let’s make it shorter and easier? P-Nation it is!

It took our closest relatives and friends ages to even pronounce, “Peregrination”, but what do they say (and make fun of) more? “P-NATION!!” IT’S THE SILLIEST THING IN THE WORLD. We know it, we accept it. At the end of the day, how can we take ourselves seriously with that intro??  It is impossible. 😌


Silly intros aside, we really are passionate about travel… and doing it on a budget. We share as much as we can on the subject of how inexpensive travel can be. As we enter our third-year (wow!) of full-time travel-vlogging, we have fully embraced that we are just two people absolutely obsessed with going to new places. We want to live as much as we can, see as much as we can, and film as much as we can for others who may not be able to do it themselves. All the while doing it on a young persons’ budget. We do it because at the end of the day we enjoy it.  Of course, not every day is the most-fun-action-packed day in the entire world. There are plenty of challenges we face as a couple on the go, filming everything, sometimes it’s not so pretty. Putting ourselves on camera is hard but we continue to do it. Why? It’s become what we do. We’re Zach and Leah, P-Nation, Peregrination, whatever you want to call us. We are here, and hopefully, we’ll take you somewhere you’ve never been.


Thanks for reading,


Leah and Zach ❤️

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