Podcasts We’ve Been On!

Podcasts We’ve Been On!

What’s up P-Nation?!?

This week we want to tell you about a thing we did… multiple things actually. This is something we’ve been withholding, and to be honest, there’s no good reason why. Most likely the result of procrastination and laziness (especially on my part), we are finally sharing this cool thing we’ve done! Drum roll…

We’ve been on three TRAVEL PODCASTS!

I know!

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

I DON’T know.


Truth be told… I think that I (not Zach) was a little embarrassed to have people listen to us talk about ourselves. But on the other hand, somehow I’m ok with letting ourselves be weirdos on YouTube?? It makes no logical sense but, here we are.


This was all Zach’s handy work. While we were in Antarctica for 5 months, Zach reached out to a few podcasters that focus on our favorite subject: TRA-VEL. Three responded. 1) Zero to Travel with Jason Moore; 2) Amateur Traveler with Chris Christensen; 3) The Pursuit Zone with Paul Schmid. Talking with each host was a lot of fun but, OMG I was so nervous for each. 🥴 After each interview, I remember thinking… “I hope we didn’t come off sounding crazy.” And “Did anything we just said make sense… I hope we formed full sentences!” SO much self-doubt was felt! (At least, by me.) But after listening to each one, it turns out we don’t sound like lunatics. Thank GOODNESS.
Now, I can’t take any credit for how we were able to share our stories with these extremely established podcasts, it was all Zach, but I am so glad we did. Doing these interviews definitely brought us out of our comfort zone but in the end, it was a great experience. Best of all, the end result is something we can share with our friends and family that explains more in detail what we’ve experienced and, how we began our journey with Peregrination.

The first interview was with Chris of Amateur Traveler, an extremely established podcast with more than 700 episodes. Funny enough, the only conversation we had that DIDN’T include our time spent in Antarctica was the only interview we did WHILE Antarctica. This conversation was based on our travel planning through China, how we planned for the trip, where we went, and what we did. He was such a kind host, we thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him. You can find our episode here: https://amateurtraveler.com/travel-to-yunnan/

The second interview was with Jason of Zero to Travel! If you didn’t know, now you know: ZACH LOVES THIS GUY. This bit of knowledge explains why he is nearly giggling the entire time we speak with him. This conversation gets deeper into how and why we decided to quit our jobs to pursue our dreams of full-time travel. You can find our episode on Zero to Travel here: https://zerototravel.com/antarctica-living-and-working/

Our last interview was with Paul on the Pursuit Zone. Our conversation really dives into life in McMurdo, Antarctica. We talk about how we decided to apply to work and live on the southernmost continent, what the application and interview process was like, what the town of McMurdo is like, and what it’s like to live there. That episode can be found here:  https://www.thepursuitzone.com/tpz196/


Why it took us so long to share… I have no reasonable explanation. I’m glad we’re finally getting it out there. I hope you’ll listen to one or two, but no pressure. We’ll have no idea if you choose not to listen to any! 😂


As always, thanks for reading,

Zach and Leah

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