Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Food, food, food!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Food, food, food!

If there is one country we left unexplored it will be Malaysia. In all the countries we’ve visited we’ve at least been to two or three cities, but in Malaysia, we only focused on its Capitol, Kuala Lumpur. And don’t get me wrong, KL is a great city! We had an amazing time exploring, riding the train, going to malls, and the Batu Caves. One thing we really admired about KL is its diversity.

Kuala Lumpur is the most diverse city we’ve visited, which was great because diversity brings little cultural pockets in the city that are fun to explore. We stayed right off of Petaling Street, a.k.a. Chinatown. It was packed with action, never a dull moment! However, the entire time we were there we didn’t have any Chinese food. It looks like a Chinatown, feels like a Chinatown, but it is much more! Even Chinatown was culturally diverse! We had Indian food, Malaysian food, skewers, fresh soy milk, fruit, and longan juice. Not that a Chinatown has to be strictly one thing, it was just interesting that even Chinatown was a mix of all different cultures, flavors, and people. It was a great view of Malaysia, because after all our time there I couldn’t tell you what a Malaysian person looked like. KL is just full of people from everywhere, a true melting pot. It was really beautiful!

On the colorful steps of Batu Caves, KL


We noticed a large Indian population, so you know what that means… INDIAN FOOD. We hadn’t had Indian food yet so we were excited! Just off of Petaling Street is another road that has lots of food, the road practically intersects Petaling. There is a “food court” type of eatery there, and a man making fresh naan bread. We ordered cheese naan and some chicken curry, and OH MAN was it GOOD! Total cost for one cheese naan and curry was: 13RM = $3.17

Fresh cheese naan with chicken curry, Petaling Street.

There is also an awesome little fruit stand at the corner of Petaling and the intersecting road. A bag of watermelon and pineapple costs 2RM each = $0.50 each!

In Brickfield, aka “Little India”, we went to a restaurant, twice, because it was so good. Sri Paandi Curry House is on Jalan (Road) Tun Sambanthan Street, the main road. Take the train to KL Sentral station, and step out on to the streets heading south. It will be on your left. We were confused about how to order, how it all worked, actually. So if you happen to go there, this is what you do: grab a metal plate, fill it up with as much as you want (meats cost more than veggies, although there are no prices anywhere) ask for naan or roti, then show the cashier your plate. (Pro-Tip: Ask for roti. Get at least 3. It’s amazing.) He makes a calculation, but you do not pay yet, and what’s exciting is that you still don’t know how much your plate costs! It’s a great surprise at the end! You go sit down and start eating, then they will bring you a card. When you’re done eating, you take the card to the cash register and pay. They have lots of options to choose from, and everything is amazing. Definitely try the cauliflower dish, that was our absolute favorite! And although everyone is eating with their hands, there are forks in the corner just in case you’re not willing to get dirty!

The buffet at Sri Paandi Curry House!

The first time we ate here we were nervous and got one plate with only a few things on it, maybe 2 types of meat and 3 veggies with rice. It cost 14RM = $3.14. The second time, we went all out. I had one plate full of meats and Zach had a plate full of veggies. This cost 47RM = $11.49! Which, for the amount of food we got (enough for 3 people), not a bad price!

We also recommend you find some Teh Tarik, there are tons of shops devoted to drinks in all the malls in KL. And there are malls everywhere it seems! We learned, thanks to our adorable barista who wanted to try out some English on us, that Teh Tarik means roughly, “tea with skill”. It’s in the way this tea is traditionally poured that takes skill, hence the name. Its taste is similar to Thai tea which is why we love it so much, plus, an average price for one Teh Tarik is roughly 6RM = $1.46!

Teh Tarik, the closest thing to Thai Tea outside of Thailand!

You can watch all our videos in Malaysia on our YouTube channel for more info and ideas on what to do in KL! Hopefully, this helps you find some good food in this great city! Thanks for reading!


– Leah & Zach

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