Our Gear – Starting out as a New Vlogger

Our Gear – Starting out as a New Vlogger

Hey there!  As many of you know, we are full-time travel-loving, filming, vloggers on a journey to reach all 7 continents, 5 of which (including Antarctica) we have already reached! When we started this journey in February of 2019 as mere baby-travel-amateurs we decided to purchase a few key items to help us through the experience.  When faced with a 6-month journey it was hard to know where exactly to start with packing… it took us a long time to compress our list of “need to bring” items down to the real essentials. What would we NEED?

This post is not necessarily about clothing, either. What we want to share with you are the essential items that made our experience easier while on the road vlogging. So here is our list of what we decided to purchase for our long journey, and why!


However, before we start. We purchased everything on this list through Amazon, so we thought we would share our affiliate links.  We do indeed benefit from any purchase made using click-throughs to Amazon from the list below. Thank you, in advance!


1. G7Xmarkii

This is the beginner camera of beginner cameras for people who are brand new to cameras! 😂

The G7X mark 2 helped us launch into the world of vlogging. There are so many cameras out there specifically designed for vlogging. However, when you’re just starting out, the process of filming in front of people in public is DAUNTING. People stare at people filming themselves. It’s a natural thing for people to do. They can’t help themselves! For new vloggers out there who plan to film themselves in public, this is the most discreet camera on the market that is specifically designed for you! The flip-out screen allows you to ensure you’re getting everything you want in your shot. The auto-focus is great. You don’t need to fuss with light settings, this camera does all the work for you. It is the easiest video camera out there. We recommend it 100%!

2. Fotopro Flexible Tripod 

Every camera, especially for vlogging, needs something to attach to for easy self-recording. We chose the Fotopro Flexible Tripod for a few reasons: it’s super light, sturdy, well designed, and affordable. $30 for something we use 200 times a DAY? for a year and a HALF? Yes, please.  This was a great purchase to hold our little Canon G7X mark ii camera. This tripod has been THROUGH IT! It seriously won’t break. We still use it for filming even now that we’ve moved onto a bigger camera. It has never failed us.

3. Power Strip!

This may seem like a silly tip. But a power strip may be one of the more important things you bring with you across the world (especially if you have a lot of equipment that runs on batteries!!). Who knew there were so many different styles of power strips you could purchase?? Each has a different cord length, plug-in position, and may or may not have USB plugs. We purchased one similar to this below. It has 4 plugs, a 6 ft. long cord, and USB ports. It is slim, easy to pack, and so necessary for recharging all the equipment we used every single day.

** An extra note about cord length – you need it.  I was so determined to find a power strip that had a small cord, and thankfully, THANKFULLY, Zach talked me into buying a 6 ft cord. Honestly, we could have been served well by an even longer one, but I would seriously recommend 6 ft. minimum. We used it so much. Do not leave home without it. This brings us to our next item…


4. Universal power Adapter

The handy-dandy power adapter!  For new travelers, this is such an important item to purchase before leaving home. As a person who has done much traveling abroad, I suggest purchasing an all-in-one model. There are many adapters out there that have little pieces, that you plug in and out of the adapter, pieces that can be LOST.  Be wary of these models, because when you are on the go, and one piece goes missing, you are really in a pickle for that first night you can’t find it! A model like this is very similar to the one we have.  We bought ours ages ago at Target, but this one is practically the same. It is bright white and easy to see in a dark hotel room (so you can’t forget to take it out of the wall)!


5. Clothes Line with Hangers

I personally find this item very amusing to reflect upon because Zach fought so hard against them. I finally just pulled the trigger, thinking “they’ll get used somehow.” And of course, they were! Every laundry day. Out on the road, it becomes a weekly task to do laundry. Hopefully, you found a place to stay where a washing machine is available to you, or maybe you have to go out of your way to find a laundromat of sorts. More times than not, there is no dryer available. For Americans, this is a problem. We are so used to having a dryer available to us that a clothesline may not even have crossed your mind as a necessary item to pack for a long journey outside North America.

These are the exact ones we purchased.  They have the clothes clips attached to the line, and little adjustable barriers so your clothes don’t all fall to the middle. The one downside is that these things are a bit heavy, however, the value they added to our trip outweighs the one negative thing about them.  This is a smart purchase, and if you can find a lighter option, let us know!

6. Pairing Knife

A knife?? Yes. A knife. You will find ways to use it. We picked one up in China around month 3 of our trip and wondered how we were functioning without one!  Just make sure you get one with a protecting sheath, and always pack it in your checked bag when flying. Mistakes have been made. Knives have been confiscated. Thank you, Sweden for not arresting Leah.

7. Waterproof Wetbag

This item doesn’t get used often, but when we use it, we are so thankful to have it! When we’re on a beach or learning to scuba dive in Thailand, having a wetproof bag for cameras, phones, wallets was super crucial. We opted for this very one, below. It has been a lifesaver of electronic items on multiple occasions. Sometimes when we’re on a beach and both of us want to get in the water, we’ll tote it in the water with us. Everything stays nice and safe and dry… exactly how we need them to be!

8.  LACIE 4 Terabyte Portable External Hard Drive

When you’re traveling and filming, this is the external hard drive to purchase. Admittedly, we started out with the 1 Terabyte (1TB) drive but quickly upgraded to the 4TB within the first year. The durability of a hard drive is key. We read through so many reviews of external hard drives and a lot of the time information was lost because a hard drive was accidentally dropped. Can you imagine accidentally dropping something while you’re strapped into 2 backpacks, a phone, water bottle, rolling suitcase, and purse?!? I can! When you’re out there in difficult situations, moving your valuables from this location to the next, anything can happen. The durability of your hard drive is crucial for your success. We have never lost video files, not even once, thanks to this brand of external hard drive. We love or Lacie’s and will continue to purchase them to hold our video files.


That’s it! That is the complete list. If you’re thinking about turning your life upside-down to go vlog we say you should go for it! These items helped us on our own journey, and we really think they’ll help you get started, wherever and whenever you decide to do it.    – Zach & Leah


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