February 2019 – Travel Expenses

February 2019 – Travel Expenses

If you’re curious what it costs two people to travel full time… here you go!

Below is our first 28 days of travel, 2/8 – 3/7/2019. We’ve tried to document our expenses every day since we began this crazy adventure, to include even the smallest things like a roll of toilet paper! 

If you’re really interested in ALL of our expenses you can look at this February Expenses Worksheet. We’ve kept track of everything in local currencies, however, I’ve totaled each section (per country, it’s confusing so I color coded) in US dollars. (I have to figure out a better way to make this spreadsheet.)

As you can see, our biggest expenses are in plane travel and miscellaneous expenses to include travel visas, essentials, and one non-refundable plane ticket we didn’t use. Ouch! So take a look, you may find it interesting!

Our expenses from 2/8 – 3/7:


Visa Expense = $0  US citizens do not need a Visa to enter! Yay!

Hotels using Agoda & Booking.com


$22 x 4 nights = $88

Chiang Mai –

$16 x 4 nights = $64

Chiang Rai –

$16 x 2 nights = $32

Chiang Mai –

$13 x 4 nights = $52

Plane Tickets (for 2 people)

Bangkok to Chiang Mai = $75 *We were able to carry on our luggage, not sure how. So no bag expense!

Chiang Mai to Ho Chi Minh = $137 + $27 bags purchased at the counter, 20kg total

Bus Tickets (for 2 people)

First Class, Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai = $16

Second Class, Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai = $10.25

Miscellaneous Expenses in Thailand

Laundry Detergent = $3

Visa Photos = $45  *cringe* So expensive!!

Temple skirt = $4.72  Always forgetting to bring a scarf.

Laundry (2x in Chiang Mai) = $3.76  Amazing.

Money exchange = $7

Copier/Printer Service = $1.88



Visa Expense,  2 x $25 + $12 Visa letter = $62

**To fly into Vietnam, you must first acquire a Visa approval letter online. You cannot board a plane to the country without one.

Hotels using Agoda

Ho Chi Minh –

$12 x 3 nights = $36

Can Tho –

$12 x 2 nights = $24

Bus Tickets (for 2 people)

Semi-Sleeper, Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho = $17

Semi-Sleeper, Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh = $17

Sketchy Cargo bus, Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, Cambodia = $20



Visa Expense, 2 x $30 + $10 for bus scammers = $70

**You can buy an E-Visa online, but from what we found this can cost you $100 per person. So instead of doing that, we forfeited $5 a person for our bus company to get our Visas for us.

Hotels using Agoda

Phnom Penh –

$12 x 1 night = $12

Siem Reap –

$14 x 4 nights = $56

Angkor Wat!

Ticket price: $65 for 3-Day-Entry x 2 = $130

Hired Tuk-tuk driver for 3 days = $52

Bus Tickets (for 2 people)

Nice bus (Giant Ibis), Phnom Penh to Siem Reap = $30

Sketchy bus (Capitol tours), Siem Reap to Bangkok = $20

**We’ve learned that when you’re crossing a border, sketchy buses are much less costly than taking nice ones!

**We’ve chosen the not-so-nice buses to cut down on our travel cost. Each has been a strange experience, but we live to tell the tale, and I’m sure we will continue to take inexpensive busses across borders whenever we can!

Miscellaneous Expenses in Cambodia

Laundry (1x in Siem Reap) = $9

Tip for our driver = $5

Back in Bangkok, Thailand for 1 night

$15 x 1 night = $15

Plane Tickets (for 2 people)

Bags charge for upcoming flights (2 total) = $138,  30 kg to Kuala Lumpur, 30 kg to Bali.

**Rookie mistake! Bags would have been MUCH cheaper had we added them to our cart at time of booking.

Bangkok, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia = $110

Kuala Lumpur to Bali, Indonesia = $72


Bali, Indonesia (first 3 days only)

Visa Expense = $0    US citizens do not need a Visa if staying less than 15 days for tourism.

Hotels using Agoda

Kuta –

$10.60 x 3 nights = $31.8

Miscellaneous Expense between Malaysia and Bali

$98.05  The plane ticket we didn’t use *cringe* It was worth it though, we were able to experience the Nyepi Day festivities that are unique to only the island of Bali in all of Indonesia.


Other Expenses

$140 T-Mobile One Phone Plan

$107  Geo-Blue Travel Health Insurance


So there it is. We are happy to share this information because we know it could inspire others to do the same, plus we think it’s pretty interesting stuff!  Thanks for reading!


-Leah & Zach



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