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  • Podcasts We’ve Been On!

    What’s up P-Nation?!? This week we want to tell you about a thing we did… multiple things actually. This is something we’ve been withholding, and to be honest, there’s no good reason why. Most likely the result of procrastination and laziness (especially on my part),......

  • Why “P-Nation”??

    Good morning, P-Nation! If you are an avid viewer of Peregrination (our travel vlog on YOUTUBE!), you’ll probably have noticed that we greet the camera with “What’ up P-Nation!?”  I’m sure you’ve noticed. Isn’t that just a bit of nonsense, though?   Just recently we......

  • Our Gear – Starting out as a New Vlogger

    Hey there!  As many of you know, we are full-time travel-loving, filming, vloggers on a journey to reach all 7 continents, 5 of which (including Antarctica) we have already reached! When we started this journey in February of 2019 as mere baby-travel-amateurs we decided to......

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